ICICT 2020

Speaker 1

Asst. Prof. Ahmed Imran

Dr Ahmed Imran is an Information Systems (IS) researcher with special interests in the strategic use of IT, eGovernment, IT for development/developing countries (ICT4D), socio-cultural impacts of ICT and organizational transformations impacted by ICT. Dr Imran’s research focuses on developing strategies and models for ICT interventions for development, in both public or private organizations. He is keen to explore the contextual factors that are most effective for IT system designs and innovation; exploiting local knowledge, assets and socio-technical artefacts to provide maximum value. Dr Imran’s work includes designing and evaluating IT services for different organisations and cultures, children online protection, organizational/societal transformations by ICT, and most importantly the short- and long-term implications and influence of IT in shaping the societies of the future. His research challenges the existing myths and theories applied to the adoption of ICT, primarily developed and used in the first world. His research has thus proven to bring real-world applications to the table, something that cemented its importance and relevance in the eyes of the research community. Dr Imran has garnered over a decade of academic experience in two of Australia’s leading Universities (Group of Eight) before moving to UC and has published in top-tier journals and conferences in IS as well as in multiple practitioner outlets and industry reports. He has received several national/international competitive grants within the short span of his academic career, following sixteen years of challenging and versatile service in a military career as a Signals officer, in command, instructional and staff role. Dr Imran’s research interest and transition to academia were highly motivated by his passion and personal experiences (as an IT Manager). His expertise became invaluable for research in understanding and providing a rich insight into the socio-cultural context using multiple lenses, resulting in interdisciplinary research opportunities. Dr Imran is a fellow of the Australian Computer Society and a member of a number of professional bodies. Dr Imran has received several awards and recognition for his career achievement including ANU Vice Chancellor's Award for Community Outreach.