Guidelines for Preparing and Uploading the Video Presentation

Preparation of the Presentation Video

  1. Prepare the presentation video file for a duration of 10 minutes.
  2. Go to
  3. Go to Host a Meeting with Video On
  4. Open Zoom Meeting
  5. Select Join with Computer Audio
  6. You will see yourself with camera activated
  7. Click Enter Full Screen (in upper right corner)
  8. Click Record, then select Record on this Computer
  9. Click Share Screen
  10. Click your PPT presentation (make sure this is already open from your Desktop). Use the following template for making the presentation: Presentation Template
  11. Click to put PPT in slide presentation mode
  12. Once you are done recording, select Stop Share in Zoom
  13. Stop Recording
  14. This will take you back to the video only. At this point, give a simple set of closing remarks “Thanks for watching my presentation on…”
  15. Click End meeting>End meeting for all
  16. You will then see a pop-up box that says Converting Meeting Recording. Once conversion is completed, you will see the file is being saved on your computer.
  17. Please save your file with the following file naming convention: PaperID_LastName.mp4 (e.g., ‘311_Hasin.mp4’ – where paper ID is 311 and presenting author’s last name is Hasin).

Uploading the Presentation Video

Upload your presentation video file in the following link by 14-16 September, 2023: Video Presentation Upload Link


Presentation schedule will be uploaded in the Conference Website. The author(s) must attend the online sessions (technical sessions) for presentation of the paper. Presenting author needs to play the presentation file during the schedule time and the author needs to attend the question/answer session. Zoom link for the presentation will be uploaded before the conference.