Instruction for Authors

All authors are humbly requested to follow the instructions given below so that the last step of the conference is promulgated successfully.Conference Organizers request the cooperation of all authors in this regard. According to IEEE, papers will not be included in IEEE Xplore if their guidelines are not followed. Read and follow the instructions listed in four steps below. Please email us if you need any help.

Step 1: Complete and Digitally Sign the IEEE Electronic Copyright Form

Papers without completed copyright forms will not appear in the conference proceedings and will not be published in IEEE Xplore. The IEEE copyright transfer form can be filled in online easily through the given link. To do so, please follow the procedure below:

  1. Login in the provided link ( by IEEE and select the “proceedings role”
  2. From the “Copyright” tab of your IEEE account, you will get a welcome page of IEEE Publication Agreement then click on start.
  3. After that, you have to select a yes or no option based on your choice.
  4. Click on the box and continue to accept the IEEE Policies of Plagiarism to confirm the article originality and signature authority. After that, select option (yes or no) as per your requirements.
  5. Checking for Funder Mandates select appropriate options then continue.
  6. At the end of this procedure, the online IEEE Copyright Transfer Form will be displayed and download the eCF.
  7. The form will be recorded in IEEE, and a copy sent to you by e-mail.

Step 2: Prepare the Revised Final Manuscript

  1. Follow the IEEE Conference Template guidelines for proper formatting of your paper. Click Here to Download the Template.
  2. Address the reviewer's and session chair's comments and revise your paper accordingly.
  3. Make sure that all Figures and Tables are of high quality and their contents are easily readable.
  4. Do not use author titles (Dr., Engg., etc.) in front of names, and avoid using positions such as Professor, Lecturer, Scholar, Ing., etc.
  5. Remove all headers and footers including page numbering.

Step 3: Generate IEEE Compatible PDF Copy Using the IEEE PDF eXpress

PDF copy of the manuscript must be generated by using the IEEE PDF eXpress web tool. PDF files generated in other ways might not be IEEE Xplore-compliant and could be rejected. The instructions to generate an IEEE-Xplore-compatible PDF file using the IEEE PDF eXpress web tool are listed below. To log in to the IEEE PDF eXpress TM site:

  1. First-time users should create an account.
  2. Enter the following: 59951X for the Conference ID.
  3. An online confirmation will be displayed, and an email confirmation will be sent verifying your account.
  4. Users with a previous account of PDF Xpress need to follow the above steps to log in. Verify that your contact information is valid.

Step 4: Submission of IEEE Complaint PDF Copy

Upload the PDF validated by IEEE PDF eXpress via the EasyChair before the deadline (October 01, 2023).